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How Does Automated Phishing Reporting Help Email Security?

In the last two years, the number of remote employees has increased significantly. This has led to cyber criminals relying more on social engineering via emails and attacks. Reports suggest that email tops the threat vector because of its widespread use and popularity. The majority of the breaches are because of human error. There is no one defense mechanic to stop phishing attacks, making it complex. Layers of defense strategies via phishing remediation can bring all the difference.

Automation and employee education

Educating the employees and creating awareness of different types of phishing threats is an important step. Furthermore, it is also vital that the employees can take the required actions while encountering threats and phishing attacks. One easy way is to report phishing attacks to the concerned department. This helps to ease the burden on the IT team, and this is where automation services come in handy.

Educating the employees and automating the remediation of reported attacks and threats can create awareness and enhance operational effectiveness. It helps to build a people-centric security system where employees play a vital role in protecting the business.

Quicker response time and lesser workload

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence helps detect and understand suspected threats and attacks better. This enhances overall security and reduces the workload of an organization’s security and IT teams. The security team in an organization requires all the support and help to safeguard the integrity of the sensitive information about company dealings made via emails.

 Automation detection and mitigation have a reputation for improving business efficiency as it curtails response time and remediates threats with single clicks. Since there are better metrics with real-time insights, security is increased and motivates the security team to focus more on prevention and policies.

Offers complete solution

Every organization can play a part in mitigating and preventing phishing attacks. The motive of phishing remediation is not to provide tools to suppress the seizures but to offer viable solutions. It offers advanced and automated phishing threat protection solutions, information, and basic applications that solve obstacles faced by customers. There is a clear picture of the inherent challenges and practical solutions against email phishing attacks. Thanks to automated remediation that is designed to defend against threats and attacks. There is a continuous detection of suspected threats, thereby making the entire organization more aware and conscious of the importance of security.


Phishing emails can impact any organization, and there is always a possibility of sensitive data getting leaked. Defending an organization against phishing attacks and threats is significantly essential. Offering multiple layers of protection improves the company’s resilience against phishing attacks. Typical defense mechanisms will have limited success in safeguarding, and henceforth, a multi-layered approach should be considered. The proper practice of phishing remediation minimizes disruption in efficiency and production. The defense mechanisms are also beneficial against other types of cyberattacks and make the organization better equipped.

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