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How Technology Is Helping People Back To Work

2020 has seen the world turned upside down with the global pandemic, leaving many companies worrying about their future. However, technology has played a part in allowing workers to return to their jobs and companies to keep their heads above water, battling the effects of the virus. With courage, innovation, and adaption, it is possible to not only survive during the troubling times but to thrive and increase their market share in their niche, saving employees jobs.

Technology For The Future

Netlinkz, a technology company from Australia, has moved to the forefront in their sector by providing their Virtual Invisible Network to companies all over the world. The Award-winning and patented technology is available globally and allows organisations to connect devices, sites, and staff to the internet, quickly, and securely. They provide a unique network solution that is available to all businesses and creates a generally invisible network, helping to increase security.

How This Helps Worker During The Pandemic?

With so many places around the world being in lockdown, to prevent companies and industries grinding to a halt, and devastating economies, companies, have asked employees to work from home. To enable workers to do this, some companies have required secure networks to help protect sensitive data. Netlinkz has allowed companies to manage their data transmissions and data storage, securely, and means that they do not need to rely on an external provider. Giving them the ability to control this aspect of the business has allowed businesses all over the world to have their employees work from home, connecting to their networks securely, and protecting their sensitive data.

Moving Away From Centralised Data Centres

Over the last few years, it has been increasingly popular for companies to centralise their data storage and networks, and there are drawbacks to this option. Massive data centres require a large amount of power to run them and keep them cool so that everything works correctly and having everything in one physical location can also mean that the data can be vulnerable. If there is a compromise in one of the weaker links of your security, then the entire system may become compromised. The solution that Netlinkz has created averts the need for this, and instead stores everything virtually, and also adds an additional layer of connectivity for workers.

Suppose you are worried about the safety of your data when your employees are working remotely. In that case, you should consider the solutions offered by Netlinkz, that can help keep your business secure. Working from home may become the new norm, so it is vital that your company moves with the times and ensures the security of your data and systems, staying compliant with all the mandatory regulations.

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