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How to save a fading business: Reply for agencies: what and how you can do to attract customers now

Competition squeezes a company’s opportunities to the bare minimum. And a startup that has successfully started to grow, is losing performance because of price dynamics and competitor activity. How to save a business which is fading or “failing” according to the indicators? The answers to these questions are not easy. But they must be found now and here, not in a month, a quarter, or six months of hard work by the sales department. How to set up now, without putting off to tomorrow the work of effective sales, using a minimum of resources and time to implement?

Services that implement comprehensive email marketing offer services to implement an effective business support campaign. An example of such a service can be found at Here are all the most important algorithms for the support and development of business with the help of an electronic service, working with a minimum loss of working time and with the help of proven and effective algorithms:

  • lead generation through parameter matching on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator;
  • generation of an end-to-end channel of communication with potential and existing clients by combining emails, calls, messaging on LinkedIn, via SMS to mobile and smart devices, in WhatsApp;
  • creating an active and end-to-end customer interaction system for all activities, a database with personal customer accounts and the accumulation of information on effective communication with customers;
  • efficient and fast email warm-up for newsletters;
  • automation of actions in communication with customers based on algorithms of behavior.

But in addition to this whole set of suggestions, it is important to use organizational innovations that are not always related to process automation.

Good tactics and creating relevant content: Trends in emergency lead generation

Trends include tactical thinking and creating the right content for a specific tactical goal. Both are addressed outside of automated systems.

You can only build a quality market expansion strategy with a thoughtful idea. And it is impossible to find in five minutes an answer to what the promotion strategy should be soon. It can only be the result of the synergy of ideas of the manager, the marketer, and the creative expert of the company. A set of professional skills may be different, depending on the direction of the business, but the essence is the same.

As for the creation of quick and high-quality texts and other content, there are special software solutions, but it is always better to write the creative part of it after defining the tactical strategy, making it as close to the realities of customers as possible. As practice shows, this approach works almost always. But how much strength there is to keep the rhythm – it all depends on the entrepreneur himself and the company specialists who are responsible for promoting products or services.

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