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Ingaas Sensor Technology And Application

Inga’s is also known as Indium gallium arsenide, which is generally known for determining and detecting a particular bandwidth between 0.8 to 2.5 micron, which is also called infrared and shortwave infrared. Infrared directors in the gossamer sensor are low power directors formed in a hyperspectral structure combining with Inga’s photodiodes.

Need for ingas sensor technology

There are many applications that English sensors are known for. The application includes short wave infrared imaging, short wave infrared spectroscopy, and hyperspectral imaging.  Short wave infrared imaging is used for nondestructive inspection for semiconductors agricultural purposes, food packaging, and security purposes, which reads bandwidth,h which is invisible to humanbeings’seyess.

There are many different requirements for short wave infrared imaging, like High-speed Ingaas sensor G14714 is great for inline inspection, which inspects the high quality and shows a high scan rate. Shortwave infrared spectroscopy can be used for health monitoring, sugar content monitoring, and also process monitoring.

These shortwaves require a high signal ratio and high linearities, such as Archie 11508 and Archie 11475, to chew on the 1478 series. It’s suitable for benchtop with a high signal to noise ratio for very low noise. Also, there is G13913, which is a suitable portable instrument with compact and less pressure consumption.

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