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Why new servers aren’t always best

If you run a small business or you are in the process of starting up a business, you might have never even contemplated why you would need a server. As with any piece of equipment or machinery that you need for a business, you always have the choice of whether to go used or brand-new. There are pros and cons to both sides of the argument, but here, we’ll set out why new servers aren’t always the best option for a business of any size and scope and why you might be better searching for a 2nd hand server or refurbished servers in the UK.

You might think that used servers that have been decommissioned by other data centres and office spaces might not be the best fit for your needs at this time, but when servers are refurbished by experts and to a high standard, it can offer any business a fantastic solution to its needs. With many service agreements for servers, that are used by big IT departments especially, there is a constant process and cycle of upgrading and renewal. What this actually means is that a server that might function at its highest level for up to ten years, is decommissioned after two or three years because of a service agreement. These servers are not damaged or performing to a poor standard, so why not take advantage?

With refurbished servers in the UK you can buy a high standard server at a good cost, offering your business a greater ROI and greater long-term scalability. You do not have to worry about performance levels as these servers can perform to the same standard, if not higher, than some brand-new servers that you would pay much more for on the open market. It is all about choosing the right server for your needs and taking the advice of expert server refurbishment companies that understand what will help your specific company and your unique situation.

Matching these specific technical needs is crucial, as the right IT hardware and support will support your company to function to a high and consistent level of performance whilst maintaining strict standards of security. Reliability is also key in any line of work, and a fully refurbished 2nd hand server will perform just as reliably as a brand-new server. In fact, it has years of experience in doing just that, proving its reliability beyond any doubt.


When searching for servers for sale, it can be a little bamboozling if you are not technically proficient in that type of language. Used servers in the UK provide you with a whole host of good servers that will provide you with exactly what your business needs at this moment in time and offer you the best chance to scale up without compromising quality and security. Suppliers of refurbished servers in the UK will help you look at all the different angles and find out what configuration is the best for your specific business, your long-term IT needs and the budget of course. There isn’t always a pressing need to buy brand-new, and in many cases a 2nd hand server might actually provide you with a higher calibre of server due to the nature of refurbishment and upgrades that can take place.

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